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Receive concrete offers quickly and easily from agencies and SaaS companies who get the most out of your marketing.


This is how the B2B partner matching works on Matchilla


Step 1: Search

With individual needs assistants and personal support, you define the relevant specifications for your match request.


Step 2: Find

Your match request will be matched using an algorithm in our database and suitable partners will be invited to submit an offer.


Step 3: Match

The curated offers end up in your matchboard and you select the right provider for you for further negotiations.

Marketing software, agencies and consulting – centralized on one platform

Matchilla supports decision-makers in marketing and communication from medium-sized companies to large brands in the selection process for external service providers. While your competitors are still researching, you have already found suitable and relevant partners and are increasing your marketing KPIs in the long term.

Dimitri Herber Global Media & Digital Lead, Bahlsen Group

In order to choose the right agency and software solution, we were offered perfect support by the Matchilla team with their expertise - from the description of the challenges to the first suggestions to the final decision. What was particularly impressive was the quick understanding of our special situation!

Lennard Schulze Head of Marketing, Schenker Deutschland AG

Matchilla's short and clear paths convinced me : Our specific needs are understood immediately, analyzed perfectly and matched with the right partner in a very short time. The Matchilla platform works quickly, easily and at the same time precisely and offers direct added value in the choice of partner.

Silke Reuter Marketing Lead, Haus Rabenhorst

Finally a platform that addresses the needs of the marketers totally focused. On Matchilla providers with features and facts are not presented in the same way for everyone, but the focus is on my company's needs: Which partner fits our goals? This takes the basis for decision-making to a whole new level.

Christian Batz VP Digital, igus AG

I think Matchilla's approach is brilliant: I have to find new partners and software providers no longer have to laboriously research and fight my way through the many comparison portals, but the right providers come to me, so to speak - with an effort of a few minutes. This will save us a lot of resources in the future.

Sascha Grosskopf Marketing Director, Timocom

Software selection doesn't have to be complicated – actually it can be quite easy! Matchilla gave us a quick and suitable compilation of concrete offers, personal service after the match request, competent support from the needs analysis and the selection of providers to the RFP. Evaluating the right tools is easy with Matchilla.

Alexander Barion Head of Marketing CE, Fidelity International

Through Matchilla, we conveniently open ourselves to impulses from new service providers that were previously off our radar. Our search specifications are checked against a database, but the final suggestions are in the hands of the creative Matchilla team. The result: High quality and strong service!

Ansgar Kaschel GM, EUROPA Versicherung

Matchilla is our first choice of call when looking for new service providers. The suggested matches to our inquiries were all relevant - both in terms of the range of services and the given budget. Particularly valuable for us: We are able to find tools, agencies and service providers on one single platform to fill our MarTech stack.

Thomas Bartel CEO, SnowTrex

The platform makes our sourcing much more efficient. The time-consuming market research is no longer necessary and we receive all the information we need to make a well-founded decision. The contact with other decision-makers who are already customers of our favorite tool provider was a real added value!

Simon Hoecker Head of Marketing & Brand, Gerry Weber

Efficient, professional and concrete. I am enthusiastic about the high level of service and the well-founded details of every potential agency partner in our matchboard. A decision for the ideal partner was thus found in the shortest possible time. Many thanks and compliments for this service – unique on the market!

    This is what successful match requests on Matchilla look like

    Matchilla - bessere Marketing-Anbieter, bessere Performance im Marketing

    Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software for a large retail chain
    Matchilla - Matchanfrage -CRM

    CRM Software

    GDPR-compliant CRM for B2B sales activities at a medium-sized pharmaceutical company
    Mit Matchanfragen auf Matchilla bessere Anbieter finden


    Agile frontend agency with fashion expertise for a fashion brand
    Machilla - Matchanfrage Content-Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Content production (video and podcast) in the lifestyle area for an e-commerce company

    Everything for digital and marketing: We match the best from 4,600 partners for you

    Marketing software & marketing tools
    CMS / Experience
    E-Commerce Platforms
    Web Analytics / Tracking
    CRM / Data / CDP
    Marketing Automation
    Content marketing
    Social Media / Influencers
    Virtual event platforms
    Email Marketing / Chatbots
    SEO / conversions
    DAM, PIM & MRM
    Adtech / Media
    Content marketing & social media
    Content marketing projects
    Content strategy
    Social Media Management
    Editing / Creation
    Inbound marketing
    Video / moving image
    Gamification / Interaction
    PR and Studies
    Augmented & Virtual Reality
    CSR / sustainability
    Media & influencer marketing
    Campaign planning
    Native Ads
    Display & Programmatic
    Performance marketing
    Search & Social Advertising
    Mobile advertising
    Influencer Marketing
    Influencer Relations
    Corporate influencers
    Retail Media
    E-Commerce & digital marketing
    Ecommerce strategy
    Data / Personalization
    Amazon Marketing
    Conversion Optimization
    Mobile Marketing / Apps
    Messenger marketing
    Affiliate marketing
    Cookie Consent
    Voice Marketing
    Feedback / Reviews
    B2B marketing
    Sales Marketing / ABM
    Consulting, education & events
    Strategy / Transformation
    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Internet of things
    Martech consulting
    Workshop / training
    Training / conferences
    Virtual events
    Corporate events / meetings

    Matchilla makes the difference


    As a marketer, you use the platform without paying any fees.


    Your match request does not enter into any contractual commitments.


    Your data cannot be viewed and will not be published without your approval.


    Your procurement stays in charge and regulates the contracts with the partners.


    Our algorithms help you to identify the most relevant providers.


    No sponsorship, no advertising – all providers are treated equally.


    Lengthy processes and unnecessary waiting times are not acceptable to us.

    Personal ❤️

    We’re all really up for our mission here: Find the perfect match!

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