“Times among us”
Backstage with Matchilla

Here are the little details and secrets you need (and should) know about Matchilla and the team behind your trusted matching platform.

Once upon a time… the story of Matchilla

The origin

For years we have been thinking about how we can bring people from marketing and digital together in a more meaningful way. The idea of “Matchilla” started back in 2010 at a physical event in Hamburg.

We called the format “MyMatch – Find your service provider” and, after many successful matches, rolled out the concept throughout Germany. This developed into the “Online-Stammtisch”, one of the largest networks for digital media at the time.

The evolution

Since then, the market has developed rapidly: Countless technologies, software and tools, agencies and consultants enrich marketing – but at the same time make it more confusing. Marketers can no longer handle this evolutionary leap, which is now picking up speed again, with conventional methods.

After eleven years we took our event concept and transferred the principle to a platform to make the matching more technological, more efficient but also more personal.

The match

Since 2021, Matchilla has been the ultimate in B2B matching in marketing and digital. We designed the matching platform from the immense wealth of experience and unique contact network of the founders as well as a lot of feedback from marketers.

What emerged as an event format in Hamburg in 2010 has now arrived in the digital age – a good idea, finally (albeit a little late) in the right place at the right time! Let’s match!

The Matchilla matching team


René Kühn

Man of the Matches (CEO)


Christoph Teubert

Operating Matchmaker (COO)


Till Zier

Product Guy (CPO)


Alexandru Carjan

Full Stack Dev (CTO)


Patricia Zielinski

Social Media & Match Manager


Torsten Pichel

Marketing & Content Manager



Match Dog


Hey you 🙂

We are looking for backup

Full contact

Do you have questions about Matchilla? Or would you like to speak to a team member about your current challenges with searching partners for you digital marketing?

Match me if you can!

Matchilla revolutionizes the selection of new service providers with a combination of technology, data and personal expertise. Try out Matchilla for free and without obligation and let matching on our platform become one of your favorite activities.