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Optimize the needs analysis, research and selection process centrally on our matching platform and receive concrete offers based on your individual specifications.

Matchilla makes vendor selection one of your favorite pastimes

Endless research, waiting for contacts and test access, constant sales and marketing activities during the information process and the lack of comparability of the offers – yes, choosing the right software, agency or service in marketing is extremely time-consuming and annoying!

Not anymore! Matchilla optimizes your entire process in three steps centrally on one platform. Save time and money, minimize risks and increase your marketing KPIs by working with the right marketing providers.

You will receive valuable support for making the right decision(s). Matchilla ensures that you finally have fun again when choosing a provider.

Let’s take a closer look at the three steps in the matching process!

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So that you have more time for ideas and creativity in marketing

From briefing to selection – the perfect match assistant

Receive concrete, comparable and understandable offers that match your individual requirements in the shortest possible time.

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René Kühn Man of the Matches (CEO, Matchilla)

Through a unique combination of data, technology and personal expertise, Matchilla brings transparency to the market for you and simplifies your choice of provider.

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Step 1: Search

With individual needs assistants and personal support, you define the specifications for your match request.

» The more specific the match briefing, the better the match. «

It doesn’t matter whether you already know exactly what services you need or whether you’re just starting the matching process with an initial idea: Matchilla offers you orientation and structure so that you can define the most important selection parameters directly during the needs analysis.

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Individualized forms (match assistants) for a concrete and correct requirement specification

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Entry of complete briefings or quick start for obtaining impulse offers

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Personal support for your first match requests? Check! You have our contact details!

Step 2: Find

Your match request will be matched using an algorithm in our database and suitable partners will be invited to submit an offer.

» Quantity becomes quality! The good ones go potty (matchboard), the bad ones…”

Instead of tedious research, let the Matchilla matching machine work at this point: Over 4,600 software providers, agencies, consultancies and other providers of digital marketing services are clustered with hard and soft factors and “matches” are invited to submit an offer.

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Automated comparison of the criteria from the match request with relevant providers

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Matched providers receive the anonymous match request and are allowed to submit offers

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Matchilla curates the offers in your matchboard and structures the information for comparability

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Step 3: Match

Compare the curated offers, check the references and get in touch personally with the providers who are suitable for you.

» Let’s match! Discuss the matchboard and contact your desired partners. «

For the final matching, we hand the scepter of action back to you. Depending on the type and complexity of your match request, you will receive offers or suggestions from 3-5 providers within 1-5 days.

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Structured presentation of offers (hard and soft factors) for better comparability in your matchboard

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz Components: company data, prices, test access, references, project examples, contact persons and much more

Matchilla - Matching-Plattform und Marktplatz From this point on, you decide with whom you enter into deeper discussions and complete the process

361° B2B matching

More than just a platform

Matchilla Matchanfrage Crm Software


At every point in the process we are at your side with our experience as a sparring partner.


There is no advertising or sponsorship for vendors to buy benefits on our platform.


The ordering is still up to you, no obligations, subscriptions or memberships.

Matchilla Matchanfrage Crm Software

Marketer matching

Exchange ideas with other marketers who are already customers of your favorite provider.

Expert matching

Book one of our specialists who will determine, review and optimize your requirements.

Tech Stack matching

Develop and optimize your individual tech landscape with a software expert.

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For whom is Matchilla suitable as a B2B platform?

Our users are marketing and budget decision-makers and their team members from medium-sized companies to large brands. The platform simplifies both complex investment decisions and the selection of individual tools from all marketing disciplines.

Let’s start with a non-binding first matching or a joint dialogue about your current challenges in digital marketing!

You are a service provider and would like to be included in our database?

Do you have questions and would like to speak to a team member in person?

Match me if you can!

Matchilla revolutionizes the selection of new service providers with a combination of technology, data and personal expertise. Try out Matchilla for free and without obligation and let matching on our platform become one of your favorite activities.